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Provide innovative resources that helps students from all over the world excel in their clinical examinations.

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Dr. Khalid Zalmay


Khalid founded Entremed and OSCE PASS after completing training at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry and his Foundation Training at the Yorkshire Deanery. He is currently in his final year of GP training in Dorset. His main hobbies consist of football and film-making. 

He was able to bring together "The A Team" and begin working on shooting clinical examination videos. Since then OSCE PASS has grown to over 3.5 million views on YouTube and an important resource for educating medical students.

Romours suggest he cried during the filming of “Cannulation” and “NG insertion”. Actually cried.

“Our aim was to create innovative resources that were minimalistic and informative”

Dr Helal Hannan


Co­founder of OSCE PASS and that guy you can’t hear well in the videos. Trained at Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry and then completed Foundation Training at the Wales Deanery.  He is currently enjoying life as a GP in Wales. 

His vision for a simplistic website and app is what drove the project forward. With the release of the app in early 2017, all the hard work and hours of designing were finally realised.

Drafted into OSCE PASS after being promised proceeds would be spent on sorting out his voice box! We may have promised him a hair transplant too.



“We wanted the resources to be well designed and easy to use.”

Dr Pardis Zalmay

Co-founder, head of social media

The youngest member of the team and one of the original 3 co-founders. Worked out for 2 years in preparation for the OSCE PASS videos. Determination is an understatement. The backbone of the team that does the hard work and organisation, as well as being involved in implementing the website and app as e-learning tools. Joined the team as a first year medical student, currently undergoing Foundation Training in the South Thames Deanery.

When not working on improving OSCE PASS for our students, he is a budding future ophthalmologist, spending much of his free time on research and teaching.

Got his big brother to take the pain in the “Cannulation” and “NG insertion” videos... wuss.

“I was excited to be part of this project. To actually create a website and app for fellow students was incredible. I feel that we have been able to bring our own experiences to the project.&


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